September 19, 2012

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September 11, 2012


This is why he’s a legend. such a great video, and great pop song. formula that works. and whaddupp Kaya! 


frank OCEAN

August 10, 2012

channel, ORANGE

I’ve been reluctant to write about Frank Ocean’s (technically 1st) album, “channel ORANGE”. I’ve had mixed emotions getting to my current opinion of the album, but until I tell u..which i’m sure some of you know from my tweets..not so good at keeping my opinion to myself..i’ll tell u how i got there.

When I previewed the album on iTunes the day it came out, I was greatly disappointed. I am a HUGE fan of his mixtape “nostalgia, ULTRA” so my expectations were beyond high. Regardless of my initial impression I bought “ORANGE”. I went through the album, still feeling ehhhhh about it. Then I got to the last song on the album, “Forrest Gump” FORREST GUMP ladies & gentleman is a RECORD! and by that I mean that is how you write a song. it’s brilliant. just brilliant. how he starts the song off with a cheer chant “come on, come on” whilst utilizing all the imagery from the film to tie in a completely unique story to a completely great movie. 

so then i had to rethink what i was thinking about the rest of the album. Maybe i wasn’t being open to the sound of this album. maybe i was wanting to hear radio records that would be massive hits. I had to completely get rid of any preconceived notion of what i thought the album was going to be because that was just…stupid on my part. So then i went back and started over. Now, I already loved “Thinking About You” from when it hit the internet awhile so I’m excluding that from my initial opinion of the album! 

Frank didn’t get caught up on writing in a formula. So why should I when listing to it. it’s more complex than that. He’s trying to say something & that may come out in a vibe-y song rather than a 3:30 min song that’s prod by Dr. Luke. and I LOVE both. haha but this album just took a lil reprogramming of my brain to get. 

Cut to today where here i am STILL listening to the album & I have not listened to anything else since I bought it! I can’t get enough of it. it’s incredible. each song is completely different. each has its on intricate story. I love how Frank is so literal a lot of the times. Sometimes metaphors just become too much and the meaning and intent of the song becomes lost. Here you have Frank describing what he see’s as is. no need for different words to say the same thing. he talks like you talk. like i talk. real stories that i WISH i could write down in the ways he does. “Super Rich Kids” is an incredible example of that. It’s a funny, sad but true idea & my song of the summer!! even the interlude “Fertilizer” is sooooo good! I’m hoping theres a full version of that lying around somewhere that mysteriously finds its way on to the internet. 

before i bore you all to death, my point is, if you’re like me and didn’t love it at first..give it another listen…and then another..and then u won’t be able to stop. or if you love it than GREAT. or if you haven’t listened to than you are missing out on a musical feast for you ears & brain. I feel as strongly about this album as I did about Adele’s “21” and before that hadn’t felt this way about an album in i don’t know how long.

Lesson learned: don’t judge an album by the iTunes preview


Forrest Gump

Super Rich Kids

Bad Religion


My experience with the album was very similar to Kevin’s. Hate to LOVE.  This album is a perfect example of how sometimes you can’t understand something you’ve never heard or seen before.  I’m proud of him for being an artist and actually creating art, no matter the result.  I think now male artists are going to try to do the “Frank Ocean” thing, just like every female artist has been trying to do the “Adele” thing.


Thinkin Bout You


Forrest Gump